EURECI would like to share some more information about some global activities with the public!

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Mr. Andreas B. Otte is in direct talks with representatives and governments from over 30 countries worldwide on concrete projects in relevant sustainable topics such as sustainable urbanization, economic development, regional development, structural change, energy and grids, tourism development, development of sustainable agricultural concepts, transport development and bilateral cooperation between them Countries and Germany / Europe! The demand for EURECI solutions with a holistic approach is increasing! Solutions that change the current and targeted problems in these countries for the better!

Talks in the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Berlin

Talks with a delegation from Cameroon in Chemnitz

Talks with a deligation of the Ministry of Economic of Puerto Rico

Talk with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Mulu Solomon Bezuneh
of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia

  Talk with H.E. Ambassador                             Visit of Embassy of Republik of Zimbabwe
   Nguyen Huu Trang  Vietnam                          Minister Counsellor Enos Mafemba

Talks with H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of Ghana Gina Blay

H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of Djibouti Aden Mohamed Dileita

H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of Mauritius  Prof.Dr. Kheswar Jankee

Delegation from the Econimics of the Republic of Indonesia