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Philosophy  and   Compliance


Our mission is to provide economic and ecological solutions in the fields of SMART CITY, energy, environmental technologies, transport + transport as well as in the area of ​​sustainable integrated urban planning and neighborhood development, as well as through the development of sustainable development, through targeted scientific work, through research + development in the sense of an unwavering researcher spirit Redevelopment of cities for the corresponding partners and customers of the EURECI project.

Thus, the EURECI SMART CITY project will be an active contribution to a future society for the citizens of Europe and the international community to ensure intelligent and integrated urban development as well as sustainable clean energy supply in the Smart City, Aims to achieve climate protection in Europe and a global energy market!


The EURECI - project  brings an active contribution to a future society, provide for the citizens of Europe to ensure a sustainable supply of clean energy and achieve the objectives of climate protection in Europe too!

Our actions are based on the following four pillars:

Innovative technology

On the basis of our entire experience, the existing know-how, we use the latest developments from all areas of technology for the creation of further innovations, which we in turn consider as multipliers for our future research work. Technical progress is only to be ensured by us in the appropriate quantity and quality!

People and environment

The human being and the environment in which we live is very much in our forefront! With all our developments one should never put the most important factors man, society and environment into the background. In our work, we must respect a healthy, sustainable balance between economic, human and ecological factors while achieving the essential goals for a further development of society. A healthy green and natural habitat in a further urbanization must remain integrable.


We undertake not to misuse the trust that is presented to us as a scientific institution and to meet the demands of our customers, partners, the entire network, society and our employees. Trust can not be assumed, but must be worked out.

Inquiring mind

We see ourselves as active and innovative researchers and developers who are able to solve problems directly in the scientific way and to remove the corresponding scientific concerns by means of targeted research and development work already in advance! However, we are open to every innovative new idea or technology and are ready to learn, in order to pursue new scientific paths according to the old virtues of the researcher spirit!

We always go a step or two more to cross borders and to work out solutions and do not allow ourselves to be defined by the limited conceptions of the public or the individual!


Absolute compliance with all regulations and laws is an integral part of the EURECI philosophy. We commit all our employees and partners to this important point.

EURECI does not tolerate any business practices that are inconsistent with our understanding of integrity and all national and international legal requirements. If it becomes apparent that doing business on this basis is not possible in a country, government or partner, we immediately stop our activities. Experience has taught us, however, that business in many more countries can be properly and seriously initiated and handled than one would have expected.

We are happy to answer further information about our services, experiences and successes, but also about our methods and our compliance system. Ask us.

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