The EURECI SMART CITY project uses proven technologies, but also the latest technologies. The problems of an eco-metropolis of the future have a very broad spectrum and succession problems are usually pre-programmed.
EURECI is therefore striving, in addition to the most accurate analysis possible, to develop tailored, modular and interactive modular solutions that are not in the way of another smart growth strategy in the city. As far as possible, ALL relevant factors are taken into account and integrated into the holistic concept intelligently with externally open and compatible interfaces.

Only if the problems are analyzed correctly and in detail can suitable solutions be developed for a further integrated urban development.

Basic Problems of Cities in the 21st Century:

  • -  Housing shortage
  • -  lack of infrastructure
  • -  Energy shortage
  • -  Water shortage
  • -  traffic noise
  • -  Air pollution
  • -  Waste
  • -  Waste water
  • -  Conceptlessness
  • -  ....... and many other problems

These and many other individual factors are, of course, different from city to city and are differently differentiated and the factors are also interlinked in different ways! This makes the holistic approach to an intelligent solution inevitable. Can therefore also be limited not only to technological solutions.


A whole range of latest technologies are used.
To list just a few technologies and points:

-  Renewable energies of the latest generation
-  Smart Grids
-  Microgrids
-  Networked buildings
-  Smart Metering
-  E - mobility and transport
-  Intelligent loading network
-  Intelligent parking space management
-  New urban transport solutions
-  Smart traffic stream management
-  ntelligent life-lines
-  New logistics systems
-  Use apps - targeted use of social networks
-  Intelligent heating networks
-  Smart Homes
-  Modern energy storage
-  Urban Farming
-  Urban Fishfarming
-  Energy Harvesting


Focus on ENERGY:

-  geothermal energy, new more efficient geo-power plants using 

      new drilling technology

-  Surface geothermal systems for effective cogeneration

-  Solartechnologies, new production and process technologies,

   climate collectors (Air-conditioning systems on a solar basis),
     Solar thermal energy

-  new turbine technologies

-  New engines and generators without the use of fossil fuels or
     Stored electrical energy

-  Wind energy, wind generators for indoor applications with

   various Power capacities

Further focus:

  • Heat exchanger based on nanotechnology
  • various nanotechnologies
  • Neuro-Computer Science
  • Complete biological systems
  • superconducting systems

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