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The global need in urban development to develop completely new ways and go.
New intelligent and above all holistic but modular solutions, with open interfaces in the form of smart cities.
However, people with their needs at work, leisure and administration should always be at the center of a smart city and Smart City topics should not be limited to technological topics such as networking, infrastructure, emobility and energy efficiency .... etc. to reduce.
The so-called "soft factors" and a whole series of other factors that make up an attractive city in a holistic context are also taken into account in EURECI SMART CITY.
All important building blocks of an integrated urban development are taken into account!
Nevertheless, the EURECI SMART CITY is defined differently in every neighborhood, in every city, in every city and in every project, because there are different conditions, frameworks and needs that are flexible and fast reacting to develop customized modular solutions integrate.

Globally, the cities are growing by around 90 million people annually.
With an upward trend!
So in fact every week a city is bigger than Munich or a city like Vienna with about 1.6 million to 2 million citizens! According to United States estimates and projections, the number of urban populations will grow rapidly, and by the year 2050, 70% of the world's population will be living in urban areas by an ever-increasing increase in the amount of landowners.
This presents cities and municipalities with new challenges to deal with these problems!
In the metropolises in Asia, Africa and also Latin America, the largest inflow is recorded. However, immense pressure on cities has also risen considerably in Europe and North America.

Especially in metropolitan regions, this trend is still ongoing!
Cities and city planners can not keep up with this speed of immigration!
Let alone with sustainable, innovative and smart solutions, Smart Cities!

In order to further develop a city, the society as a whole and, of course, many individual people in a clean environment and a functioning economy with all established target parameters, a rethinking process is necessary!
In order to lead the EURECI SMART CITY to success, the economy, science, society, as well as the individual citizen (citizens' participation) and politics, should be very much in line!
Politically and socially, the EURECI SMART CITY model is an unavoidable step towards an economic, sustainable and holistic urban development, or the development of a whole region.

In the age of urbanization the geopolitical, social and ecological landscape is redefined and new efficient ways have to be developed!
EURECI is already developing this new path structure and new intelligent flexible "synapses" to make smart cities highly efficient with new innovative interaction mechanisms and interaction processes.
Innovative smart growth strategies with completely new intelligent control processes as well as new settlement concepts are the result of EURECI SMART CITY projects after a profound analysis and a comprehensive diagnosis of all factors.  Very important for the new Smart Cities of the the future to be the new synergies and synergy processes! 

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