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                                        transform to urban solutions

Within the globally growing EURECI network of experts new synergies are being developed in a development process with permanent growth with a broad spectrum but still specializing in details. Thus, EURECI draws on many years of combined experience, technical expertise in many areas and developed on this basis new interaction mechanisms and interaction processes for a further self-dynamics in both the project and their own development. This is the guarantee for an optimal completion of the solution portfolio in all areas in the respective project development.

The planning and technical know-how of EURECI not only breaks new ground, but develops it as needed with the partner or client, taking into account a solution portfolio with a holistic approach! Thus, it does not reduce itself to individual areas such as "only" electromobility, broadband expansion, digitization / IoT, infrastructure, energy, telecommunications, and other innovative solutions, but integrates all these topics with a holistic and complementary approach in a modern smart city / smart region thus longer value added chain for the city itself, the citizens and of course the investors!

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