"Value creation through NEW THINKING"

Anyone who develops value in the future in the future must take new paths, act sustainably and predict competently.
The EURECI philosophy is therefore "Value creation through NEW THINKING".
This is fundamentally anchored in corporate culture, shapes the structures and processes and is reflected both internally and externally.


With our interdisciplinary apperceptive thinking, on the basis of new thinking processes, we develop ideas for new future-oriented projects with holistic approaches, innovative usage concepts and bring together different topics, technologies, interests and users on smart platforms.

We offer all the necessary services for this integrated approach from a single source:

- Consulting

- Analysis

- Concept development

- Project development

- Project management

- Academy

- Communal

EURECI is interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary.
In addition to ideas and ideas, we have a decisive influence on the structuring and orientation of the project in the project development according to our specifications!
It includes both the integrated urban development, also larger areas of the area as well as the conversion of the cities to the smart city and the revitalization in the stand to the spectrum of the EURECI SMART CITY development activities.
Services in these areas are provided both for the Group's own portfolio and as a service provider for institutional investors and third parties.


Our innovative know-how on the basis of newly developed development processes enables us not to allow all relevant factors to flow into one another, but also to link them together.
In this way, we stand for a new quality and quantity of our services, which is one of the foundations for long-term partnership-based customer relationships.


Competence in phases / development and processing

- Location analysis
- Location assessment
- Market analysis
- Strategic project development
- Conception and planning
- Total takeover of project work
- Planning management
- Funding analysis
- Financing

Development and integration in the following areas of integrated urban development:

- Infrastructure concepts
- Power supply concepts
- Economic development concepts
- Settlement concepts
- Administrative structure concepts
- Tourism development concepts

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