For the extensive new challenges of constant change in the target markets, EURECI Akademie offers technical, methodical and personal qualifications in a wide variety of areas in order to be able to optimally adapt to these conditions!

A key focus of the EURECI Academy services is the planning and implementation of seminars, either in the group or targeted individual seminars and the development and implementation of individual training and coaching concepts that subsequently implement a special dynamic for self-development sustainable.

The training content will be integrated into the tried-and-tested day-to-day business, right through to proven proof of effectiveness of the measures. Here, too, EURECI is exploring new ways of learning by interacting and adapting between problem and solution. We too can not and do not want to apply and apply good-will masks. In this way, we not only methodically and didactically prepare your knowledge, we also convey our experiences from the entire EURECI network and, through your experience, also learn to convey them!

EURECI is more about dialogue and partnership than about strict instruction and advice! It's about combining "Operational Excellence" with "Operational Intelligence" and optimally linking them!

EURECI focuses on needs-based, tailor-made and individualized training concepts such as seminars, special programs and also workshops that are specifically developed after an analysis of the problems and pedagogically tailored to the employees so as not to just carry out a training course, but also the changes in make the practice visible and tangible!

We do not think much of open training courses and will carry them out irregularly only in the future after appropriate bathing analysis.

EURECI is able to conduct professional training in a wide range of areas according to needs-based analysis.

This concerns both general technical training in the compact knowledge is taught, as well as individual and package training on special topics. In addition, we offer practical user training for specialist areas in a wide range of areas.

The topic of personality and team development is carried out as part of a special or general management training. In the process, topics such as management, new thinking, communication, social skills, motivation and a few other topics will be prepared and communicated in a purposeful way. Individual coaching in practical use completes the EURECI academy portfolio.

Change processes and organizational developments:

Businesses, communities, governments, and organizations need to adapt and adapt to regular and irregular changing conditions and conditions in order to evolve and change themselves to meet the growing challenges.

Goals, expectations, values ​​and processes need to be adjusted. A professional and holistic accompaniment of such complex change processes accompanies EURECI holistically and leads them to a targeted and sustainable success. In doing so, we rely on the responsibility and awareness of your own employees, targeted employee motivation and satisfaction through new incentives, innovation and creativity as well as the implementation and learning of new thinking processes for a higher awareness not only in the task! We bring the changes right in the heads! Only then can these changes be experienced in the company, the structure or the organ set-up!

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