Solutions for municipalities, cities, regions, countries and

Governments with a holistic approach multi- and interdisciplinary.

  • Solutions for business development with new tailored

    Business promotion and settlement concepts in the context of a holistic approach of urban or regional development.

  • Project development and planning of attractive projects for

    Upgrading a city or region as part of a holistic

    Urban or regional development.

  • New business models and new markets for companies from the Energy industry.

  • assignments for strategic partners within global EURECI -

    Projects and open international markets and entire countries.

  • The future with a whole range of solutions and services

    and a broad range of services with generalist

    structured alignment.

EURECI has specialized in providing flexible solutions with a holistic approach to cities, communities, regions, entire countries undergoing structural change or other changes.

In the future, urban development can only be accompanied by sustainable economic development, possible coherent tourism concepts and also in combination with a sustainable supply structure and agriculture. A balanced holistic approach makes sense here and brings the desired results.

But EURECI is also developing new business models based on technical innovations and / or new concepts for the energy industry, the telecommunications industry and municipal companies, but also for SMEs and corporations that need a realignment. There is a need to reorganize the entire structure to meet the new demands of social development and climate change!

For companies as direct strategic partners EURECI offers direct long-term partnerships and for these strategic partners also direct orders in the already generated EURECI projects and apart from that completely new markets!

EURECI is already specialized in this as part of its own project acquisition.

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