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The EURECI SMART CITY project focuses on new, complex, intelligent technological solutions, innovative technologies from the fields of energy, energy efficiency, urban farming, IT, transport and a whole series of other fields, which are already largely from research + development And by means of the establishment of production facilities in a central location as a cluster "EURECI" but also as an international network "EURECI" at other locations.

For this purpose, about 30 to 40 new selected companies with innovative projects and products with a very high degree of innovation are scheduled to move to   EURECI SMART CITY projects each year at different locations "EURECI".  

Corresponding potential, innovative companies, projects are sufficient, not only nationally but also globally, and appropriate favorable conditions and effective instruments enable a targeted and high-quality cluster formation at the local and global location EURECI as a transnational program and network! For this purpose, highly attractive general conditions are created at the EURECI SMART CITY locations, which, in addition to a targeted high-quality cluster formation, also establish and link to international markets, international companies and research facilities as well as universities and universities!                                                                                      Beyond this targeted international cluster formation, a multi- and interdisciplinary work within the EURECI SMART CITY structures of EURECI is strived for and promoted!                                                    A whole series of such projects are already available to EURECI and are waiting for direct implementation.

In addition, the international demand for fast, timely solutions for sustainable integrated housing construction and the topic of energy as well as smart city solutions in a holistic approach is more than urgent and a considerable economic potential.

EURECI is above all also about a new apperceptive way of thinking to unleash a new culture of judgment in a new quality and quantity! Only in this way is change possible and feasible!

EURECI, as a complex facility of a center of a SMART CITY, spatially divides into 3 different main sections:


The structure of the center of EURECI as a SMART CITY in a holistic approach involves an exciting, globally unique, adapted walkway for tourists, consumers and professionals interested in the latest sustainable technologies in complete SMART CITY solutions as well as solutions in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. They have the opportunity to make an active contribution to the topic of energy generation on the ground, simply to find out about current opportunities and                                                                                the latest technologies on "SMART CITY" and "Green Energy", energy prices, and so on.                                                                                                                                        Or to purchase sustainable, sustainable products from the solar watch, the latest automotive and transport technology, e-bikes and the energy efficiency center, complete Smart City solutions or the latest large-scale power plants, or to order tailor-made modular solutions. There is also the possibility to receive price information on energy systems, energy-plus houses or simply on "green energy", to change the electricity supplier or to lay the first foundations, with the latest technologies even to generate green energy for the own needs or the Feeding into regional (neighborhood-bound) smart grids.

At the EURECI - SMART CITY - CORE location, a whole host of architecturally unique buildings are placed, which will serve as a tourist attraction for an internationally presentable and eye - catching image based on the latest technologies. However, this is not a question of building new glass palaces, but rather creating a perfect symbiosis of attractive attractiveness in the entire environment. To create a modern, healthy construction of energy-efficient buildings in a really pleasant SMART CITY and to make comfortable living equipped with the latest technologies on the basis of the latest findings of the SMART CITY!

These smart buildings are home to an international campus, a new R & D center with a connected convention center, hotels, restaurants, cafés, a permanent exhibition as an international showcase for the latest innovations and a central B2B center as an international trading center for sustainable Technologies and complete solutions in the field of "Greentech"! A number of cultural and social facilities are also to be found in the center of the EURECI SMART CITY project.


EURECI - INDUSTRY 4.0 is a completely new type of industrial park with intelligent structures within the individual sites and their arrangement throughout the complex. Not only innovative companies are to be located at a location for cluster formation, but they are also to interact with one another in order to jointly develop and exploit further potential for the existing research and development structures on the ground. Thus, win-win-win situations are pre-programmed!

On the subject of production, however, the latest process technologies, logistics systems, etc. are also used, and, of course, the technologies developed locally will also be used first at the EURECI site to fuel the innovation motor of EURECI Industry 4.0 itself with its own dynamism. The short distances to the other sections of EURECI ensure a relatively rapid economy of the individual projects as well as of the overall structure of EURECI and fast access to international markets.


EURECI - SMART CITY LIVING comprises a modernly structured residential area with modular, self-contained neighborhood solutions that take into account all future important aspects of healthy and self-sufficient living in a green, environmentally friendly and family-friendly area of a EURECI SMART CITY. Here, a whole series of new scientific insights into the subject of the future of the future are to be incorporated and implemented directly on the spot using the latest technologies. Modular - intelligent - economical – global!

EURECI SMART CITY attaches particular importance to the consideration and solution of current problems in the areas of urban planning, modular urban development in connection with acute municipal problems! Interdisciplinary solutions will be applied and current social issues will be considered. In addition to energy topics and all other topics of the SMART CITY solutions, the topic WATER will be another key position in the overall design!

In the overall EURECI SMART CITY project, the various topics are blended in fluently and also the o.g. 3 main sections are connected and networked by modern intelligent infrastructure systems so that one can start from a completely new quality in all important areas from research to production and practical application of state-of-the-art technologies! But EURECI SMART CITY also brings together the promotion of tourism and a whole range of other social and communal themes under the umbrella of innovation, technology, energy, the environment and mobility, in order to develop and implement further global intelligent, interdisciplinary solutions.

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